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New York Strip Steak - Yak

Product Weight:
1.1 lbs - 1.2 lbs
Product Weight:
1.2 lbs - 1.3 lbs
Product Weight:
1.3 lbs - 1.4 lbs
Product Weight:
1.4 lbs - 1.5 lbs
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2 Steaks per package.

These about 1 1/2" inches thick. They have such incredible flavor. Sometimes we grill them, sometimes we reverse sear them. Here's a recipe for pan-seared NY strip. Matt, when he was chef at Chama Local, cooked them sous vide, then seared them - they were perfect every time. Customers drove 2 hours from Santa Fe to experience his steaks.

They are great the night they are cooked, and fantastic sliced for breakfast or lunch the next day.

In Argentina, the beef version of these are the famous and loved Bife de Chorizo. (Nothing to do with chorizo sausage). When we were hiking in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, my daughter and I had Bife de Chorizo almost every night. The livestock in Argentina is pasture-raised and grass-fed, just like ours.