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What's for Dinner? - 20 lbs of Beef Choices For Quick, Delicious Meals

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A 20 lb collection of beef for delicious, healthy and quick meals.

    Sometimes we get home at the end of the day with the kids, and my wife and I tiredly ask each other, "What's for dinner?" Or, sometimes my wife is dashing my daughter off to school, has a full day planned and hollers to me as she's leaving, "You're in charge of dinner tonight!" These beef selections are the standbys we keep handy for those occasions.

    All of these packages will thaw quickly in tap water. Some of the cuts can be cooked with no advance planning (burgers, minute steaks), others (strew, meatloaf) require a small amount of prep.

    This 20 lb collection requires less than 1 cu ft of freezer space. The packages are small and will squeeze into almost any kitchen freezer. You don't need a special "meat" freezer.

    This collection includes:

    • 9 lbs Ground Beef
    • 4 lbs Tenderized Minute (Cube) Steaks
    • 4 lbs Stew Meat
    • 3 lbs Top Sirloin Steaks
    • 2 lbs Bacon Ends
    • Total: 20 lbs beef, 2 lbs bacon end

    The bacon ends are Beeler's Pork Bacon Ends and make great bacon burgers and extra delicious meatloaf. The pork is not raised by us, but supplied to us by Carnivores Custom Meat Processing. These are our family's favorite bacon.

    Some ideas for 10 quick and easy meals for a family of 4 (with teenagers).

    • Monday: Burgers w/ Bacon - Ground, 2 lbs
    • Tuesday: Quick Steaks - Tenderized steaks, 2 lbs
      Thaw in minutes, salt and pepper, a couple minutes in the pan, done!
    • Wednesday: Stew - 4 lbs, enough leftovers for another meal.
    • Thursday: Meatloaf w/ Bacon - Ground, 3 lbs,
      enough leftovers for another meal.
    • Friday: Sloppy Joe's - Ground, 2 lbs
    • Monday: Leftover Meatloaf
    • Tuesday: Burgers - Ground, 2 lbs
    • Wednesday: Fajitas - Minute steaks, 2 lbs
    • Thursday: Leftover Stew
    • Friday: Steaks - Top Sirloin, 3 lbs