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Brisket Roast - Beef

Product Weight:
2.5 lbs - 3.0 lbs
Product Weight:
3.0 lbs - 3.5 lbs
Product Weight:
3.5 lbs - 4.0 lbs
Product Weight:
4.0 lbs - 4.5 lbs
Product Weight:
4.5 lbs - 5.0 lbs
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We all love a good, smoked brisket. But until recently I hadn't realized how easy it is to make corned beef, which I also love. A brine of corning salt and spices, in a large ziplock bag, 7-10 days in the refrigerator, then a quick cook in an Instant Pot or other slow cooker. Voila! Perfect corned beef. I'll give you a batch of the spices if you request it. Others you can get your own. Search online for "Corned Beef Spices".