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Tierra Wools
2540 Hwy 64/84
Chama, NM, 87520
Phone: (575) 756-1650
Email: tierrawools@handweavers.com
Website: www.handweavers.com
Tierra Wools offers a selection of our beef and yak steaks and ground meat. They also sell our jerky and snack sticks. Stop by, learn about their yarn and weaving, and get some great meat. Don't forget to try their lamb from Shephard's Lamb. None better!

Rio Chama Espresso
614 Terrace Avenue
Chama, New Mexico 87520
Phone: (575) 315-0001
Website: riochamaespresso.com
Rio Chama Espresso has weekend grill boxes - a couple of steaks and a couple pounds of ground, at a discount - and a selection of other steaks and ground meat. Grab some meat for the evening when you are buying your morning coffee or lunch sandwich.

Carnivores Custom Meat Processing
15930 US Hwy 64 West 84 North
Chama, New Mexico 87520
Phone: (505) 929-3133
Carnivores sells all of our products. They also do much of our butchering and packaging. Stop by to talk to Triny. He knows everything about meat and butchering. Looking for some new cuts or new recipe ideas? Check with him. Want something to grill during your hunting trip? Grab some steaks.


Riff Raff Brewing Company
274 Pagosa Street, Pagosa Springs, CO
(970) 264-HOPS (4677)

Riff Raff on the Rio
356 East Pagosa Street, Pagosa Springs, CO
(970) 264-6247

Himalayan Kitchen
Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian Cuisine
992 Main Avenue, Durango, CO
(970) 259-0956

Box Car Cafe
425 Terrace Avenue, Chama, NM
(575) 756-2706

Meander Riverside Eatery
358 East Pagosa St, Pagosa Springs, CO
(970) 703-3244

587 Terrace Avenue, Chama, NM
(575) 756-1661