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Ariel truly is a ranch manager extraordinaire. He is a native of
Chama, whose family has ranched and worked cattle for generations. Ariel has been with us since 2017, and we would not be where we are today without his sweeping knowledge of animal husbandry and devotion to developing our lands in a dynamic and holistic manner. Ariel and his wife, Macaela, have three terrific kids – Sofia, Miguel, and Alijah. As with all parents of younger kids, the three bundles of energy keep him and Macaela on their toes. When Ariel comes up for air, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and of course, riding his horse, Galahad. Thank you, Ariel, for everything you do. We truly appreciate

Ariel gave Heather the “official title” of Freezer Boss, as she knows everything that goes in and out and never misses an ounce. And, it is Heather who packages everyone’s meat boxes, so we have a lot to be thankful to Heather since she is such an exceptional employee...and friend. Heather moved to New Mexico from the midwest where she grew up on a hog farm. Animals and their welfare have always been a top priority for Heather, so her knowledge of husbandry is superb. When Heather is not working she loves spending time exploring the mountains and valleys around Chama with her three daughters – Kaitlyn, Adriana and Natalie.