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Low and slow

All our meat, both yak and beef, are exceptionally lean. We, therefore, do not jest when we tell customers to simply remember that LOW heat and SLOW cooking will ensure a terrifically tender outcome -- no matter the cut.

Some suggestions

+ Here is a great article about cooking grassfed meats: Holistic Management International

+ When pan frying add a little fat to the pan, so the meat will not stick. We enjoy using olive oil, bacon fat or butter.

+ If I'm in a nip of a hurry, and I forgot to thaw my meat, I place the frozen meat in lukewarm water to allow it to thaw.

+ Dried rosemary is our son's favorite herb to sprinkle on the meat while it's cooking.

+ Mix together 1/4 cup pepper and 3/4 cup Kosher salt, and put into a jar. Keep the jar handy for a quick sprinkle while the meat is cooking.