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Grilled Steaks
Grilled Steaks

Buy Locally In Chama, Or Let Us Ship or Deliver Directly To You

Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See

Mountain Grass, Clear Water

Checking the Cattle
Checking The Cattle
Ariel, Ranch Manager

Our operation is managed and sustained by people in the Chama Community.

Our Meat is Processed Right Here in Chama, NM at Carnivores Custom Meat Processing

Purchase Locally Or Let Us Deliver or Ship To You


Tierra Wools

Rio Chama Espresso

Happy New Year Robert! Had a great Xmas and the prime was awesome!! Thanks so much! We busted out the two, top sirloin Yak steaks you included yesterday and we were blown away!! Unbelievably tender, moist and the flavor was spectacular! We are hooked!! I still can’t believe how amazing it was! I don’t know how you do it??
I would like to fill my freezer with MORE!
Larry, Aztec
“I cooked the Yak sirloin last night and made fajitas with the leftovers. OMG! It was awesome.”
Betsy, Durango
My wife and I discovered Chama Valley Meats in the summer of 2022. We value working with local business owners that create markets and opportunities within the community.
The beef and yak products we've purchased have been exceptional quality. Robert and Lisa have been wonderful to work with and are very responsive to our questions. We will happily continue purchasing our meat from Chama Valley and utilizing Carnivores' proceeding services.
Brian, Pagosa Springs
The meat CVM produces is outstanding -- both the yak and the beef. We tell all of our friends about the health benefits of eating yak, and all of our friends have reported back to us how much they love the meat. Thank you for all your hard work producing such a quality local product.
Sandy C.
A DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE FOR ME AND MY FRIENDS! I purchased a bunch of different cuts of CVM - yak and beef - and gave them to friends during the holidays accompanied by a bottle of wine. Everyone loved it! It was a unique gift and my friends who had never tried Yak were hooked! The jerky makes great gifts too. And, of course, I kept a tenderloin for myself as well.
Nancy B., Silverton
We love your yak meat and the customer service can't be beat! As soon as we get low in stock, I will definitely be placing another order.
Every Prime Rib we have purchased has been fantastic. We're addicted, if you couldn't tell.
Lauren, Albuquerque
The meat is awesome once again. Thank you so much!
Aura, Taos

Regenerative Business

Our family has ranched in the Chama Valley since the mid-1800s. So much has changed in the past 150 years.

Other things never change. The high mountain grass, the pure stream water, the unparalleled meat. Our ancestors recognized that 150 years ago.

Another thing that hasn't changed - we want to know where our food comes from, and that it will be available no matter what. We want to know the who, what and where of our food supply. At The Chama Valley Meat Co, the who, what and where is the community and land around Chama, NM.

And yet another thing - sustainable means the land keeps producing and the people making this meat available to you keep their families housed and fed. Sustainable is thrown around a lot these days, Lisa and Robert both descend from ranching operations that have sustained since the 19th century. Nothing is forever, but we do our part to try.

Read about the regenerative movement in: New York Times and Martha's Vineyard Magazine